Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee houses in the world with over 14,000 stores in the US. If you head to get your daily Starbucks fix, we’ve compiled our 5 favorite tips guaranteed to save you money on your next coffee run.

Buy Discount Starbucks Gift Cards

The best way to save every day is to buy discounted Starbucks gift cards from Raise. This year, we’ve saved Starbucks fans over $628,000 to get their coffee fix. To put into perspective, that’s over 75 GALLONS of coffee so far that our members have saved!

Fill Up with a Reusable Cup

Not only is bringing a reusable cup great for our environment, but it will also save you money. Get $.10 off your order when you bring your own cup to any Starbucks location. While $.10 might not seem like a lot, you could end up saving $24/year and help our planet in the process.

Another pro tip, refill your coffee for $.50!

Sign-up for Starbucks Rewards

Along for being known for their great coffee, Starbucks has an even better (and free) rewards program. You can earn points to get free food, drink, and refills on brewed coffee and tea too! Plus on your birthday you’ll get a free drink on the house.

Order the Starbucks Secret “Short” Size

Avid Starbucks fans know all the sizes by heart, including Trenta. But did you know there’s a “short” size? This 8 oz. cup runs about $2 and is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when you’re not in the mood for a grande.

Get Ice on the Side

Sometimes the ice can take up more than the actual drink itself. To get the most bang for your buck, ask for ice on the side. That way, you can get as much drink as possible and fill your ice to your desired amount.

Did we miss a tip? Tell us your favorite way to save money at Starbucks! Now that you know these, how much will you save?