Spring is here! The snow has melted and the warm weather has finally arrived as we all have months of fun in the sun awaiting us. But before you can go enjoy the great outdoors, you’ve got to make sure you spruce up your own home after a long winter of hibernation.

Spring cleaning is particularly important this year as many of us haven’t left our homes in over a year and the clutter is starting to pile up. So whether you’re just trying to reorganize or completely renovate here are some tips for making the most of your Spring.

Tips For Easy Spring Cleaning

This room-by-room cleaning guide outlines a set of tips and tricks to ensure you declutter and clean every part of your home. Cleaning any space is actually pretty easy, the hard part is getting started.

There are a few more general tips that work no matter the room you’re in and are always a great place to start as you tidy up.

  • Open windows to get fresh air circulating

Room №1: The Kitchen

Spring Cleaning and Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

When a kitchen is clean, it runs smoothly! It also helps make the cooking experience more joyous. We guarantee that once you tackle this room, the others will feel like nothing.

  • Empty out all your cabinets and clean all the surfaces. Throw out expired food and create a donation pile for canned and non-perishable goods you don’t plan on eating.

Room №2: The Bedroom

Raise.com Spring Cleaning Guide and Tips

It’s the room you spend the most time in at home, so it’s important to make sure you’re sleeping both comfortably and cleanly. While you should be periodically cleaning your room throughout the year, there are some big moves you can make during spring to freshen up your space.

  • Air out, flip and vacuum your mattress.

Room №3: The Bathroom

Spring Clean That Bathroom

Often the scariest room in the house for spring cleaners, if you’re regularly cleaning your bathroom throughout the year then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. However, if spring is your exclusive bathroom deep clean, then be prepared for a whole lot of hard work.

  • Clean and scrub: the toilet, bathtub/shower, mirror, sink and floors. This includes often neglected places like behind the toilet.

Room №4: The Family Room/Living Room/TV Room

Spring Clean Your Living Room

The living room or family room tends to be the heart of many homes — it’s where everyone gathers, entertains, and relaxes. We know how challenging it is to keep this space tidy. We hope these tips come in handy during your spring cleaning.

  • Move furniture to reveal hidden spaces that don’t get cleaned often

Room №5: The Home Office

Home Office Cleaning

A new addition for some this past year, nonetheless, a place you spend lots of time in. Spring cleaning your office can help increase your productivity and boost your overall mood. Get to it so you can continue to show up as your best self every day.

  • Use your desk to hold the items that you use daily: computer, phone, notepad, pens. Everything else should be placed in drawers or small organizers.

Room №6: Laundry Area

Organize Laundry Room

For those of us lucky enough to have a place to do laundry at home, the space we clean our clothes in can sometimes not be the cleanest itself. This is especially true if your washer and dryer are set up in your unfinished basement. Luckily though, most laundry areas aren’t too big and shouldn’t take too long to spruce up.

  • Clean and vacuum both behind and under your washer and dryer. Move your units out of the way a bit if possible. A bonus here is you may just find that lost sock you’ve been missing.

Room №7: The Porch or the Patio

Organize Your Porch and Patio

You probably haven’t been using your outdoors spaces much over the winter which also means they probably haven’t been cleaned in a few months. To make matters worse your patio is probably still recovering from being covered in snow for three months. It might seem like a hassle given the constantly spring rain, but get your outdoor areas cleaned now and you’ll have more time to enjoy them this summer

  • Sweep leaves, debris and general dust.

Room №8: Pets

Spring Clean Your Pets Spaces

Last but certainly not least are our furry (or not so furry) friends. Pets are wonderful to have around the house but they’re certainly responsible for quite a few of our bigger messes.

  • Wash or replace bedding or blankets.

Hopefully all this helps you tackle your spring cleaning full force and lets you bask in the gleam of a clean home in just a few days. Remember that while the cleaning might not be fun while you’re doing it, you’ll never regret it later. Oh, almost forgot that you can always save on all of your cleaning supplies by using coupons or promo codes from all of your favorite brands!

If you’re more of a visual person feel free to print this for more guidance. Tackle one room at a time using this handy dandy spring cleaning checklist.

Spring Cleaning Guide