Raise your hand if your nails were personally victimized by the pandemic?  With salons across the world being shut down for months, the demand for press-on nails grew significantly.  Their long rep of being cheap and tacky changed in recent months.  These easy to apply nails make getting manicures a quick, seamless process. You can find press-on nails that vary in price, length, and shape, but one thing they all share in common is their practicality.

For those of us who are not gifted with the ability to do nail art much less a full on manicure, press-on nails are here to save the day. Squeezing in time for a nail appointment is not always feasible with a busy schedule. Here you’ll find the best press-on nails to shop for  at Ulta. You’ll find them categorized by nail shape and size. 

Before deciding on a specific style there are a few things to consider. As always, be sure to remove any old nail polish and cleanse them of dirt or oil. Some press-on nails come with adhesive tape, which is perfect for those who want to conceal a chipped mani or need a quick fix. If you want to extend the life of your manicure you can add a tiny drop of glue to get more wear out of them. Once you’re ready to apply, hold the faux nail up to your cuticle line and gently push the nail down, putting pressure on the center and then on the edges to ensure it adheres to your nail. With our list of best press-on nails at Ulta you’ll definitely find something to match your aesthetic and style. 


Short Press-On Nails

Kiss Ribbons Gel Fantasy Nails | $8.49
You’ve ever been on your way to an event and looked at your nails  like, “wow I should’ve gotten my nails done.”  These nails come in perfect for those crucial times. There’s a glue on and press-on option. You can count on these nails to stay put for up to a week!

Kiss Jessie Nails

Kiss Jessie imPRESS X Jess Conte Press On | $8.99
Embrace the Fall tones with this manicure kit. Comes in multiple shades of nude colors in an oval shape. A natural and subtle must-have for the season. Just press-on & go!

OPI Wine Impress Color | $9.99 

OPI brought their best-selling shades to life with these press-on nails. This wine color in particular is a nice pop of color to wear this month. The false nails look and feel just like your natural nails.


Medium Length Press-On Nails

Medium Length Press-On Nails

Kiss Everytime I Slay | $10.99
Enjoy this glamorous luxe nail set on a special occasion or simply to elevate any look you wear. This kit features premium special effect designs including bedazzled, holographic, and light pink nails. Glue them on and wear them for up to a week.

Kiss Leilani Nude Nails | $8.99
You can never go wrong with a nude nail, Plus, this is any regular nail shape..it is the highly-favored coffin shape. This nail kit is among Ulta’s best-selling press-on nails, No one will ever know these are press-ons! 

Kiss Sleepless Night Ombre Nails | $7.99

Rock these glossy black and red stiletto shape nails, perfect for that magical mani. Want to know the best part? They glow in the dark! You can easily apply them with glue or adhesive tabs.


Nail Art Press-On Nails

Nail Art Press-On Nails

I Hope So Voguish Fantasy Nails | $9.49
These nails are exclusively sold at Ulta for you! Build your own nail set and select from marble effect, glitter, and mauve pink nails. The nail kit includes mega-adhesive tabs and glue, so you can rest assured they will not come off easily. They’re ready to wear in minutes!

Nail Art Press-On Nails Options

Knock Out imPRESS Press-On Manicure | $9.49

If short nails is more your vibe, you’ll definitely want to give these marble nails a try. They look and feel natural & stay perfect for days. Just press-on & go!

Ghost Town Gel Fantasy Special Design | $8.99

Spooky season is here, but not for long. Matte and glossy finish coffin shape nails look wickedly chic. Plus, they glow in the dark. This is one of the many limited edition Halloween styles created by KISS. 

There are hundreds of nail kits to choose from these days. We hope you consider our list of best-selling press-on nails at Ulta. Their prices are unbeatable and the styles are to die for. Be sure to check out Raise for the latest Ulta coupons, promo codes, and deals. We update our pages daily to ensure you always receive the best offers on all your favorite brands.