Let’s face it, with all the original content streaming, it’s hard to be the friend who hasn’t binge-watched the latest show. According to Forbes, the average American household pays for at least 3 subscription services and spends $9 for each service. That’s $27 a month or $324 a year you can spend on subscription services, which is a lot less than the cable company and less embarrassing than not knowing the ending to “Stranger Things”.

While cutting the cord can be cost-effective, keeping your subscription costs down can be a challenge. We’ve rounded up three tips guaranteed to save you money and make you the savviest cord-cutter of your friends.

Use discounted gift cards from Raise to pay for your subscription services. With discounted gift cards available from HuluNetflixSling TVSpotifyiTunes and more, you can save money every time you watch your favorite show or listen to the newest music.

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Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube TV all offer a free 1-month trial so you can try the services before you commit your dollars to a monthly spend.

If you aren’t sharing already, start! Split the subscription amongst 2–3 friends or family members to shave off the price while still getting the full subscription benefit.

Are we missing any money saving tips when it comes to cutting the cord? Tell us! We love to hear how Raise readers save when it comes to subscription services.