With the lingering impacts of the global pandemic, we are all looking for ways to protect ourselves and our homes from any illnesses. Recently there’s been a lot of buzz regarding the health benefits of air purifiers. If you’ve been debating getting one here are some reasons to invest in an air purifier this Black Friday. 

Air purifiers are beneficial in any setting. We’ve seen them be implemented in schools, hospitals and public transportation, so why not bring them into your home?  The cleanest environment, room, or air can still be filled with invisible and sometimes visible particles and dirt that could be detrimental to your health. This is one of the reasons air purifiers are great – because they reduce the number of pollutants. Air purifiers essentially work by sanitizing the air, which may include pollutants, allergens, and toxins. They’re the exact opposite of essential oil diffusers and humidifiers, which add particles to indoor air. Air purifiers also act differently than filters. While filters only remove particles, purifiers can sanitize them, too.

Black Friday is right around the corner meaning, it’s time to compile your list of things you’re in the market for. If air purifiers are at the top of your list, we’ve narrowed down your options to one that best suits your needs and environment. Here you’ll find some of the best air purifiers categorized by concern, room size, and price.

Air purifiers were a hot commodity last year and sold out at record speed. This year Black Friday lands on November 26, 2021. However, many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals begin circulating before the big sales event. We’re here to ensure you don’t luck out and to help you get the best black friday air purifier deal.

Best Bacteria & Virus Protection Air Purifiers

The CDC says air purifying units can help reduce the airborne concentration of the virus that causes COVID-19, which can reduce the risk of transmission through the air. Eliminate virus-causing germs and bacteria from your air with a HEPA air purifier. 

Germ Guardian AC4900CA | $71.99 (original price: $149.99)

This Germ Guardian model is one of the cheapest top rated air purifiers you can find on the market today. It’s affordable, yet it combines about three reliable systems to offer an efficiency rate of about 99.97%. The high performing, energy saving air purifier is recommended by doctors owing to the reliable and strong use of a HEPA filter to eliminate all forms of allergies and bacteria. It is currently half its original price on Amazon. Get it in no time and before it is no longer in stock.

Homedics TotalClean 5-in-1 Tower HEPA Air Purifier | $99 (original price: $129.99)

A very quiet, high-performing air cleaner. This air purifier contains not one but two types of filtration systems: UV-C Technology and HEPA-Type Filtration kill and capture up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and fungus. UV-C light sanitization kills bacteria, virus, mold, and fungus to help you breathe easier. HEPA-type filtration removes up to 99% of airborne allergens. Take advantage of Bed Bath & Beyond’s Sale on Air Purifiers to save $30 off its original price.

Homedics TotalClean

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Auto HEPA Silent Air Purifier | $139.99

A simple, straightforward purifier with smart design and solid bang for your buck. Thanks to its compact design, it can fit perfectly on your office desk, home office desk, or bedside table. More brownie points for being one of the quietest Blueair air purifiers. Additionally, you can place it almost anywhere in the room without compromising its performance with its 360-degree air intake. It’s composed of a pre-filter and a Particle + Carbon filter. The fabric pre-filter is the first line of protection. Competitor devices don’t offer that much cleaning power at nearly twice the price.

Best Allergy & Asthma Air Purifiers

A lot of us might share our homes with our pets, which brings with it urine, pet odors, and dander. These can be quite upsetting for family members who have allergies and, most of the time, vacuuming doesn’t remove all the pollutants in the air.

Shark® Air Purifier 4 with True HEPA | $279.99 (original price: $349.99)
From the brand that brings you some of the best vacuums on the market comes this highly-rated and impressively quiet air purifier. You ensure clean air for majority of your home  due to its powerful coverage. The anti-allergen HEPA filter captures pet hair, dander, and allergens throughout your home. You can have confidence in the air you and your family breathe. This purifier is on the pricier side, however it’s rarely ever marked down this low. You don’t want to miss out on this Black Friday deal.

Honeywell Air Genius 3 Air Purifier | $160.00

According to their website, Honeywell HEPA air purifiers are “The Doctor’s Choice” and the #1 brand recommended by allergists. This air purifier comes in five different sizes that target rooms ranging from small to extra large. The HEPA filters undoubtedly work very well at removing allergens and dust particles that may have an effect on asthma. Honeywell’s air purifiers are high in demand and many stores are already sold out or have limited stock. We suggest buying yours at Target now before they run out.


Levoit Core 200S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier | $80 (original price: $90)

This air purifier comes at a low price with impressive features and functionality including the three-stage filtration system. This is a popular model for small to medium rooms, and for those looking to clear pet hair, allergens, and cigarette/vape smoke. It performs like a machine on the high end of the market, without the premium price point. Did you know it is smart home friendly? Get yours today for an additional $10 off at Target. 

Best Smoke Air Purifiers

Smoke from almost any source has the power to exacerbate allergy symptoms and respiratory conditions, leaving you desperate for relief. Eliminating these problems takes a special type of air cleaner.

Winix Air Purifier | $123.70 (original price: $199.99)

This air purifier is intended for home use only. While we recommend it for improving smoking air quality, this is a multi-purpose air purifier. You can count on it to reduce VOCs and odors from cooking, pets, and smoke. Additionally it captures 99.97% of airborne allergens including; pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander, microbes, and smoke. Not sold on it yet? You can get better sleep with clean filtered air because the unit automatically activates quiet and energy-efficient Sleep Mode when it senses a dark room. Get this top rated air purifier now before it sells out!

Conway Airmega

Coway Airmega HEPA Purifier | $166.32 (original price: $229.99)

The mighty air purifier is equipped with cutting edge features to keep your indoor air clean. it uses a four-stage filtration system to effectively eliminate odors and pollutants. Ideal for smokers and those who live with smokers, the Coway Mighty efficiently reduces air contaminants and odors related to second-hand smoke. This unit provides real-time air quality monitoring, so it will adjust its speed setting accordingly. This air purifier was listed among the Top Picks for Best Air Purifiers by Wirecutter (2015-2021).

So many of your favorite brands are already running Early Black Friday Deals. We hope this extensive list of air purifiers comes in handy when making a decision on your Black Friday purchase. With hundreds of air cleaning devices out in the market, it can be extremely overwhelming even beginning your research on which to buy. We provided different price points and health concerns to ensure your needs are carefully taken care of.  

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