Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate the women in your life who helped raise you and those raising our future generations! This time of year is perfect for showering the maternal figures in your life with love and gratitude. Whether she’s near or far, show her you care with a gift.

To help you find the best gifts for Mother’s Day, without breaking the bank. we’ve put together a list of thoughtful presents any Mom will love.


The old standard, you can never go wrong with a good bouquet of flowers. If you’re nearby a trip to a local flower shop should do the trick, or even your grocery/hardware store if you’re looking for something more affordable. If you’re farther away then an order from 1–800 Flowers or even Edible Arrangements should be your go-to.

1–800 Flowers: All for the Moms Who are Doin’ It All. Get 20% off Mother’s Day Flowers & Gifts with promo code “SAVE20MDAY” at 1–800 Flowers!

Local POC Owned Shops: Check out this wide selection of BIPOC flower shops across the country so you can send Mom a colorful bouquet no matter the distance.

Edible Arrangements: Send her an edible arrangement under $50 that’ll bring a smile to her face.

Cheryl’s: Surprise mom with a delicious cookie tray delivered to her front door under $30.


A good book or two is a great easy gift for anyone, but if your mom is an avid reader then this is a must. We can’t help you pick out the exact book she’ll like, that might take some research on your part, but we can point you in the right direction of where to shop! A local bookstore is probably your best bet at finding the perfect book but Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer more variety at an often cheaper price.

Barnes & NobleGet her a book and save on the second one with Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Books for All Ages at B&N.

Semicolon Bookstore: A Black Woman-owned Bookstore & Gallery Space in Chicago, shipping nationwide.

Other Local/Indie Bookstores: If you want to support a store in your community this handy tool will give you a list of all the stores in your area!

Amazon: If you already have Amazon Prime then this’ll check off the affordable price and quick shipping boxes for you if you’re in a pinch.


This is a perfect gift for any mom as we transition into warmer and sunny weather! Find a women empowerment tee she’ll love to validate the hard work she does every day. Or get her everyday basics she can put to use while on-the-go. If you have a Mom who’s into fitness you can never go wrong with a new pair of leggings or workout gear!

Etsy: Motivational and empowering shirts for women by women with love. Starting at $7.50

Lululemon: Find comfortable clothes for Mom-on-the go or the yogi mom in your life.

Kohl’s: An extensive list of budget-friendly gifts at Kohl’s with savings up to 40% off.

TargetMoney can get tight when you shop for multiple moms in your life, check out these gifts under $20.

WOC Owned Brands: Shop these forward-thinking brands and add new pieces to her wardrobe.

Gardening/Yard Stuff

If your Mom is a big gardener then this will absolutely be something she’ll be on the lookout for. Whether it’s some seeds or plants to spruce up the yard or that new trowel she’s been wanting, get her something she’ll use day in and day out. As a little extra for you, gardening essentials are often under $15!

Lowe’sStart a garden, build a butterfly house or plant a sapling. Lowe’s offers plenty of gardening supplies that are a great way to jump into spring.

Home DepotThe Garden Center is your one stop shop for everything she’ll need to get growing. They’ve got landscaping options too if you’re dealing with an ambitious mom.

Target: Tie together your outdoor space when you add your colorful plants into these planters. Different textures, colors, and sizes at good pricing.

Skincare & Beauty Products

Your mom looks great every day no matter the circumstances, but make that a little bit easier for her by gifting some skincare products (especially since you’re probably the cause of at least a few of her wrinkles). Make sure you know what her skin type is and what kind of routine she already does before taking the plunge here.

Don’t forget you can also get her new makeup as well!

UltaRestock her beauty and skincare favorites at Ulta.

Sephora Black Owned Beauty Brands: You can buy from Sephora while still supporting Black Owned beauty brands by choosing from these products.

More POC Owned BrandsChoose from a whole array of brands that’ll give you fantastic and unique products all while supporting a worthwhile cause.

DIY Gifts

Remember that ultimately it’s not the gift that matters as much as the care and love put in. There’s a whole slew of ideas that you can tackle depending on how much time you have. A few great ones to try are:

  • Paint/decorate flower pots
  • Paint Mugs
  • Wallpapered/Painted Recipe Box
  • Crocheted or Woven pillow/blanket/basket
  • Homemade Bath Bombs
  • Wine Cork Coasters
  • Homemade candles

This is also a great idea for kids to join in on. They can make something special for their mom or grandma and have a fun time while doing it.

Custom Gifts from Etsy Shops

This is the perfect gift if your mom has any unique hobbies or you know exactly what type of gifts she would really appreciate. You can buy some homemade candles, jewelry, art or really anything you can think of! If you’re looking for something with that handmade touch, but don’t trust yourself to make it, this is your spot. All for a more affordable price than most big box retailers will offer.

Another big bonus here is that you’re shopping small and often shopping local!

Everything and Anything Else

Not entirely sure under what category she falls into? Here are some places that have a little bit of everything to cover all your bases.

TargetPick up a nice card or a new outfit, target is a one-stop-shop for the bargain gift getter.

Macy’sEverything from clothes to skincare and even kitchen gadgets, Macy’s assuredly has something your mother will love.

Your Local Thrift Shop: If you’re really looking for a unique gift then go thrift shopping and find something that’s one of a kind!

After you’ve picked out the best gift, remember that ultimately the one gift your mom wants more than anything, is you. So if you can make it out to see your mom on mother’s day make sure you do and if not spend some time on the phone or FaceTime with her.

Hopefully we were able to give you some ideas for a great affordable gift for May 9th and check back with Raise Coupons to find even more savings on all your daily purchases.