If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the 13 states participating in a tax-free weekend this August, we want you to know: we’re jealous!

A tax holiday is a golden opportunity to maximize savings during the back-to-school season by stocking up on essentials without the added cost of sales tax.

Plus, super-savvy shoppers can earn cash back or snag a discounted gift card from Raise before heading to the mall. That means bonus savings!

If you’re unfamiliar with state tax holidays, here’s how they work:

  • For a limited time each year, some states allow specific items to be purchased tax-free.

Does your state have a tax holiday? Here are the states and weekends in August with sales tax holidays.

  • Arkansas: August 3rd-4th

Each state has its own rules on what qualifies for $0 sales tax so make sure to check the details before heading out. While state tax holidays can be a little complicated, but they’re also a pretty amazing opportunity to save a boatload of cash on items you were going to purchase anyway.