H&R Block Deluxe Online Tax Filing package is a cost-effective and easy tax filing solution for people with credits, deductions, or other tax situations to consider. However, many people ask the question, ‘Where is my H&R Block deposit, and how long does it take?’

The amount of time an H&R tax refund will take to appear in your account will vary from person to person. While it depends on several factors, it may take longer if you have a complicated financial situation. That said, H&R Block direct deposit times are generally between eight and 15 days for all customers.

In this post, we’ll outline the benefits of IRS direct deposits and how to set up these services. We’ll also answer the question, ‘how long does H&R Block take to direct deposit?’, and discuss how to access your H&R Block check refund status.

IRS direct deposits provide several potential benefits. These include:

When you file your annual taxes, you should have the option to connect a bank account and receive your refund via direct deposit. If you opt to split the refund, the IRS can deposit your tax refund across three bank accounts

If you use electronic filing, you’ll likely receive your refund quicker than relying on printing and sending paper tax returns. The IRS anticipates that 90% of taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days if they file for their direct deposit electronically. However, this timeline could be longer if they find issues with your tax return

Typically, Americans who had direct deposits set up with the IRS received their initial stimulus checks much quicker than those who didn’t. This year, with a proposed third stimulus check due for release, it’s worth getting your direct deposit information registered as soon as possible.

To register, simply enter your banking information when you file your taxes for 2020.

Every paper refund check prepared and issued costs the U.S. taxpayer over $1. However, each direct deposit refund that is processed only costs a dime. In 2019, over 120 million refunds were issued, with roughly 23 million sent by mail. This means that taxpayer money paid around $23 million for paper check refunds and just $12.5 million for direct deposits.

When you file your taxes, check ‘Direct Deposit’ as your preferred refund method via your tax software. Next, enter your routing and bank account numbers. Note, you can still enter your banking information, even if you don’t qualify for a refund

You can access your account and routing number in several ways: sign into your online banking portal, locate them on the bottom of your checks or call your personal banking branch. Alternatively, you can give your accountant this information if you don’t file your own taxes.

If you’re not required to file taxes but are filing for a Recovery Rebate Credit to obtain a missing stimulus check, you’ll have to file form 1040-SR (PDF) or Form 1040.

The IRS states that your refund should be deposited directly into a U.S.-affiliated or a U.S. bank account. This account must be in your name, the name of your spouse, or both if it’s a joint account.

Out of the millions of Americans that file tax returns via H&R Block, many ask the question, ‘how long does H&R block take to direct deposit?’ H&R Block direct deposit times vary, but, as mentioned previously, they are generally processed within eight to 15 days.

If your H&R Block direct deposit isn’t refunded after 15 days, you can use the H&R Block refund tracker. You’ll be able to use this page to monitor your H&R Block direct deposit schedule from the comfort of your own home.

By choosing H&R Block refunds, you’ll have access to your tax returns from the previous six years and a review of your taxes by a tax professional at no additional charge. You’ll file with confidence, knowing that H&R Block provides maximum refund guarantees and 100% accuracy.

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