No doubt we have entered unprecedented times as COVID-19 continues to evolve throughout the world. While we adapt to our new, albeit temporary, norm, here at Raise we stand by our commitment to help our members continue to save money by providing you multiple ways to save — all in one spot. We could all use a pick me up! Over the next few weeks many of us will spend most, if not all, of our time at home so we’ve compiled a list of some of the ways you can save on your everyday purchases, especially on the things you need to keep you and your family happy, healthy and safe and mostly right from your living room.


As a precaution, many of your favorite retailers have either reduced their store hours or have temporarily closed their stores all together to help with the “Social Distancing” mandated across the country. While you may not be able to physically shop in store, we found several stores that are offering various deals online. Plus, whether it’s at a discount or via cash back, at Raise you can always save up to 30% at thousands of your favorite stores. Below check out some of our top trending brand picks along with the current Raise discount and or cash back you can earn then head over to for even more deals!

  • Macy’s (Up to 7% off / 4% Cash Back)
  • Sephora (Up to 3% off / 4.8% Cash Back)
  • Gap (Up to 13% off)
  • H&M (Up to 3% off / 6% Cash Back)
  • Kohls (Up to 4% off)
  • Walmart (up to 1% off / 2.5% Cash Back)

Food and Drink: Skip the lines and the grocery stores and order your food essentials online

  • Starbucks (Up to 6.6% off)
  • Grubhub (Up to 2.25% off / 2% Cash Back)
  • Ubereats (Up to 1% off)
  • Doordash (2% Cash Back)
  • Dominos (Up to 13% off / 7.5 Cash Back)
  • Pizza Hut (Up to 13% off)

Home and Decor: Tackle DIY projects, spring cleaning or spruce up your living space

  • Target (Up to 2% off)
  • Lowe’s (Up to 5.7% off / 5.5% Cash Back)
  • The Home Depot (Up to 1,1% off / 1.5% Cash Back)
  • Sears (Up to 3% off / 3.5% Cash Back)
  • Overstock (Up to 3.5% off / 6% Cash Back)
  • Crate & Barrel (Up to 1% off / 5% Cash Back)
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond (Up to 3% off / 3% Cash Back)

Tech & Games: Catch up on all your favorites games, movies, music and shows

  • Itunes (Up to 5.5% off / 4 Cash Back)
  • Gamestop (Up to 6.7% off / 5% Cash Back)
  • Nintendo eShop (Up to 7% off / 9.8% Cash Back)
  • Xbox (Up to 8.6% off / 7% Cash Back )
  • Hulu (9% Cash Back)
  • Netflix (Up to 2.22% off)
  • Google Play (Up to 2.3% Off / 1% Cash Back)

Health & Wellness: Keep your mind and body active and healthy

  • Cabela’s (Up to 14.2% off / 11% Cash Back)
  • Bass Pro Shop (Up to 12% off / 7% Cash Back)
  • Nike (Up to 4.5% off)
  • Lululemon (Up to 6% off / 3% Cash Back)
  • Adidas (Up to 9.5% off / 10% Cash Back)
  • Under Armour (Up to 5.3% off / 6% Cash Back)


Still holding on to that gift card your Mother-in-law gave you during the holidays that you will never use? Did Grandma give you one for your birthday to that store you loved…in 8th grade? Instead of stockpiling them in a drawer, turn those cards and store credits into cash to use on things you actually want? By listing the cards and store credits you no longer want on the Raise marketplace, you can earn up to 85% cash back. Once your listed card sells, we offer 3 different ways to receive your funds: via check, PayPal, or ACH direct deposit.Select the option that’s best for you. Selling unwanted gift cards and store credits on Raise is the easiest way to make the most of your money. Check out the “Sell” tab on our site for more information.


Still looking for more ways to save? Coupons, Promo Codes & Discounts on your Favorite Brands sound good?

Well we have added one more way to help you save on your everyday purchases. Now, you can also find even more deals on our Coupons tab! Go check it out and unlock savings on everything from Free 2 Day Shipping at Walmart to up to 30% off at Macy’s to 40% off at the Gap. Raise is your one stop shop to maximize your savings when you combine discounted gift cards, cash back and coupons.

At Raise we pride ourselves on helping you save money on your everyday purchases, especially now and on the things you need to help keep you and your family healthy and safe during this time.