Every year on Memorial Day, we come together as a nation to honor those we have lost while serving our country. On Memorial Day Weekend, we often celebrate and honor these men and women together, taking part in the freedom these souls fought for. Many of us even get to enjoy a 3-day weekend, which opens up all kinds of opportunities for rest, adventures or simple time with family and friends.

While you shouldn’t lose sight of the meaning of the holiday, there’s a lot of fun to be had during the first warm weather holiday of the year. So, start planning a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend and get ready to enjoy the sunshine and a little freedom. As for any festivities, Bass Pro Shops has what you need for a fun-filled and even delicious time!

Founded in 1972, Bass Pro Shops is North America’s premier outdoor and conservation company. They provide unrivaled products, dynamic locations, and excellent customer service. They know the meaning of adventure and their collection of superior outdoor gear is unmatched as well as their home products too. They’re your one stop shop for everything you’ll need to really spruce up your Memorial Day weekend.

Backyard BBQ

As we near the midpoint of 2021, more and more of our friends and family are fully vaccinated, which means there’s much more of a chance for traditional Memorial Day festivities this year. Sure, social distancing is still prevalent, but things are looking up for anyone who wants to host a small get-together for family and friends. You’re free to serve whatever food you like, but there’s nothing better than a good old-fashion American BBQ with people you love.

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs, but after such a long time apart you can do even better. Grab yourself the Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30’’ Two-Door Propane Smoker for something that will really wow your guests. With a long-lasting, stainless steel burner, heat-saving 2-door design, 717 sq. in. of cooking space over 4 movable chrome-plated cooking racks, this smoker makes it easy to cover a table with delicious smoked foods like full flavored pulled pork, chicken, beef brisket, vegetables, and more. You can even be the real star of the show with a real authentic full rack of smoked ribs that’ll make your guests think you got catering from the best bbq spot in town.

Not down for a smorgasbord of smoked meats? Then try a down-home fish fry with the popular Bass Pro Shops® Aluminum Fish Fryer. This 18’’ tripod cooker stand has a wide, stable base with 3 additional stabilizer feet, a heavy-duty 10.5-Quart aluminum fry pot, and a lightweight strainer basket. The basket comes with a rubber coated handle for comfort and a clip at the rear base to allow you to drain the food you fry or boil. You’re guaranteed crispy delicious fish every time.

Finally, no good Memorial Day get-together is complete without some outdoor games. While a simple game of cornhole is always a crowd pleaser, change it up and challenge your guests to play the B3 Bean Bag Bucketz Game (All American Edition) or try a leisure game of outdoor Yahtzee with the Wild Sports Giant Yard Dice Outdoor Game.

Camping Trip/Outdoor Excursion

Not all of us want to spend our entire weekend around the grill or maybe those that do want to supplement their family time with some time outdoors. Whatever the reason, the warmer weather makes this the perfect time to go camping!

Outdoor Fun

There is no better way to spend quality time with your loved ones than with a fun outdoor activity exploring nature. Our wonderful world is full of diverse environments which can be explored from the seat of your boat. Bass Pro is your one-stop for all your kayaking and fishing essentials.

If you’re looking for reasons to kayak here are a few: it is great exercise for your core, arms, shoulder and chest muscles plus with portable equipment you can take off from any dock, riverside or shore! Be sure to get your paddlelife jacket, and canoes for your day outdoors embracing nature’s beauty. No better way to disconnect from your busy everyday life than surrounded with people you love and in nature. Just don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a few drinks for the ride.

Fishing is another great way to relax and unwind. For any first timers, patience is key. Fishing requires you to pay close attention and wait for a strike. However, nothing can top the feeling of accomplishment when you reel in your first catch! Experienced fishers can attest to the fun adventures and bonds they’ve created in the middle of a river or lake. Sharing techniques and mentoring others fosters a community like no other. At the end of the day it isn’t about how many fish you catch, it comes down to the memories created by doing something everyone can enjoy. Bass Pro is here to ensure you have the best fishing experience possible with their fishing tools and accessories great for all levels of expertise.

Rest & Relaxation

It’s been quite the year for all of us, so nobody would blame you if you just want to kick back and enjoy your time to yourself. Curl up in a Grand Trunk Double Deluxe Parachute Hammock with a good book to appreciate the wonders of nature without all the hassle or simply chill on your patio with your YETI Tundra 45 Cooler and a few cold drinks. At night, relax by the fire pit and maybe even enjoy some stargazing.

The world is your oyster and that doesn’t mean you have to get all fancy with it. Spend your Memorial Day weekend the way you want to and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

However, no matter how you decide to celebrate, make sure you head over to Bass Pro Shops to plan that fun-filled (or relaxation inducing) weekend of your dreams. Make the most of it and enjoy all of the freedoms you have thanks to the men and women who fought for them.