Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time to start planning out this year’s killer costume combination! Of course, while your own costume is important you’ve got to make sure your furry friend is looking just as stylish on All Hallows’ Eve. Perhaps a matching costume is in the cards? Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and we’re here to help.

If you’re at a loss for what to dress up your pets as then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got fun and affordable costume ideas for you from all the top brands.

While you can do your best to get any of your pets in the spooky spirit, we’re going to stick to dogs and cats this time around as those are where the easiest and readily available pet costumes usually reside. Feel free to dress up your hamster or rabbits if you want though! Don’t let us stop you from flexing your creativity.

A quick tip: Be sure to measure your dog before purchasing any costume. Because dog costumes are not manufactured the same, your dog can be a medium in one costume and an extra-large in another.

Best Dog Costumes:

Whether you’re looking to dress your dog up as your favorite fictional character, or one of your favorite foods, the options are basically endless. If you’re still on the hunt for a costume for your furry friend, then these are the best Halloween costumes you and your pup will love.

Small Dog Costumes

USPS Mail Delivery Costume: Paw-fect for Halloween, an Instagram shoot or any day your furry friend wants to stand out from the crowd! This high-quality pet costume features the USPS logo plus includes shirt, cap and box.

Pizza Me Pet Costume: Show off your favorite dinner with your buddy this Halloween. Get this fun pizza slice headpiece. Super easy to put on and remove. Your pet will love wearing what you eat with the comfy pizza slice, only $3.50 at Petco.

Stitch Costume: Rather than Stitch being mistaken for a dog, your dog will be mistaken for Stitch with this fun pet costume. Inspired by Experiment 626 from Lilo & Stitch, the outfit includes a bodysuit with Stitch’s distinctive markings, and his headwear complete with 3D ears.

Star Wars Baby Yoda Costume: Star Wars celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2020, but due to the pandemic many of us were deprived of a full celebration. Dress your furry friend in the iconic Baby Yoda costume this year! Costume includes hooded robe and headpiece for only $15

Medium Sized Dog Costumes

Spooky Killer Dog Costume: Spooky season only comes around once a year, so why not go all out? This is a great costume for a Halloween party or a trick or treating trip out and about in the neighborhood. Costume includes a front-walking body piece and a comfortable headpiece. It’s easy to put on with hook-and-loop fasteners, which make for a great fit no matter your pet’s size.

Crooked Cutie Prisoner Pet Costume: This unique and funny costume is perfect for those troublemakers who love to keep you busy during the day. It is a 3-piece costume consisting of the shirt, hat, and “bad pet” sign for you to fill in.

Monarch Butterfly Costume: Who remembers being a kid and imagining you could fly? While your dog will never be able to lift off the ground, you can at least give him the wings and fulfil your childhood memory through your pet. This simple costume is made up of foam wings and an antennae headpiece. An easy costume for a dog that doesn’t feel like wearing much more than a harness

Minnie Mouse Pet Costume: Dress your little canine sweetheart in this adorable Minnie Mouse polka dot dress costume for pets. Easy on and off, it features a Minnie ears headband complete with bow.

Big Dog Costumes

Lion Mane Headpiece: This one-step Halloween costume turns your large dog into the king or queen of the jungle. Suitable for larger dogs, this headpiece is easy to clean and would make a perfect doggy costume for Halloween. Get it now under $10 at Petco.

Minion Costume: The yellow creatures with blue overalls are so cute, we all want one! Dress up your dog in this costume and turn him into your own Minion. Shop for it at Chewy and save 20% off.

Abu and The Magic Carpet: Keep your-legged friends leashed or they’ll fly off to a whole new world with Abu and the Magic Carpet from Aladdin! This wish-come-true costume features a plush Abu with embroidered details on a soft, velvety rug that attaches to your pet with self-stick fabric fasteners. The best part? Shop Disney is offering 30% off select pet costumes.

Green Monster Costume: Transform your furry friend into a (not-so) ferocious green monster. This adorable pet costume makes it easy as can be to go trick or treating around the neighborhood or to wow their friends at a Halloween party.

Best Cat Costumes:

A good costume for your cat is a lot trickier to find than it is for a dog. Now that’s not for lack of options, it’s just that depending on the disposition of your cat the best costume might be none at all unfortunately. But if your feline friend is willing to wear something, even for just a few pictures, there are plenty of fun options that you can go with. You’re guaranteed to love it even if they’d rather be off taking a nap somewhere.

Pumpkin Full Body Cat Costume: Really embrace the fall season by turning your cat into the cutest pumpkin out there! The adjustable velcro straps allow for an easy and comfortable fit for cats of all sizes and the soft material won’t annoy them (too much).

Bootique King Cat: We already all know that your cat acts like the king or queen of your household so let them fully embrace that with this costume fit for royalty. It comes complete with a little crown and cape that’s one size fits all and is sure to provide some adorable pictures.

Frisco Bread Cat Costume: This is one of the best and easiest fun little costumes you can get your cat because it doesn’t cover their body. Just stick their head through the “slice of bread” and watch them walk around looking extra silly.

Sunflower Cat Costume: Another simple costume idea, just use the adjustable strap to attach this to your cat’s head and they’ll be a pretty little sunflower for as long as you can keep it on them.

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Also remember these costumes are all just some starting ideas! Don’t let this be the end of your costume search if you’re really looking for something perfect or something that matches your very own human costume on Halloween.

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