Winter is upon us, meaning our time at home watching movies, sports, and our favorite shows is only going to increase. Spruce up your home entertainment system with a sweet soundbar deal this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some stores have kicked off their savings early so we’ve gathered some of the best holiday soundbar deals.

What’s a Soundbar?

Let’s begin by answering some of the basics. A sound bar is a long, rectangular-shaped bar filled with speakers and a lot of technical goodness that makes sound come through crisp and distinct. Since sound bars are wider than sound bases, they throw sound further and get closer to a real home theater effect.

How to Choose a Soundbar System?

Sound bar systems can accommodate any budget. You can spend anywhere from $100 to $1,000 depending on the features and how expansive you want the system to be. If you’re not too familiar with audio systems, the terminology may sound foreign to you. 

Some systems will be bundled with a subwoofer. Subwoofers are a type of speaker that boost the lowest frequencies in whatever audio you’re listening to. These low frequencies usually include bass guitars, pipe organs, deep voices, kick drums, and movie sound effects. You can find these subwoofers in car stereo systems and home theatres. You can find a bundled audio system within your budget, so don’t you worry!

Another point to consider is where you want to place your sound bar. Where you put your TV and how much space you have around your TV may dictate which type will work best for you. Be sure to check the sound bar specs and measure the area before buying.

Do you want an active or passive soundbar? What is even the difference? Active means the sound bar comes with built-in amplifiers that power everything. Passive means the sound bar does not have a built-in power amp, and thus requires a receiver or amplifier to work. They do have a better sound.The more cost-efficient option is an active sound system.

All soundsbars contain built-in channels. Think of channels as individual speakers contained in a single unit. The most affordable soundbars are the 2-channel soundbars (2 speakers left and right) and the 3-channel soundbar (3 speakers center, right and left). However, there are soundbars that have up to 7-channels. The bottom line is the more channels the merrier. 

We’ve saved you the hassle of going to different stores to find the price for your soundbar system. Here you’ll find some of the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday soundbar deals happening now from your favorite stores and top brands.  

Best Soundbar Black Friday Deals  & Cyber Monday Deals

LG 3.1-Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer & Dolby Digital + DTS-X | Currently: $249 ($100 off)

Optimize your home entertainment setup with this LG wireless soundbar. Emphasis on the wireless! Both the soundbar and the subwoofer are cable-free, so you can easily find the perfect spot for it to live in.  This product provides quality sound for your favorite movies, shows, games, and music. The Dolby Digital decoder and DTS-virtual technology both deliver a cinematic audio experience with theater-like sound effects. This is an immersive surround sound system you can find for this price, get yours today!

Samsung 3.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer & Dolby Digita + DTS-X | Currently: $209.99 ($190 off)

Elevate your experience with 3D virtual surround sound and built-in center speaker. The dedicated center channel speaker is meant to project voices clearly. If you’re a gamer or have teens who enjoy gaming this soundbar can be switched to Game Mode. Enjoy perfectly synced audio that moves with the on-screen action and crosstalk cancellation that minimizes distractions. If you’re not sold yet on the amazing features then just take a look at the price. It retails for $399.99 but with the early cyber monday and black friday deals you can save $190, hurry over before products sell out. 

LG 2.1 Channel Soundbar System with Subwoofer & Dolby Digital | Currently: $179.99 ($100 off)

Add booming audio to your home with this LG Electronics 2.1-channel speaker kit. The lightweight diaphragm reduces distortion for clean, crisp audio, while Adaptive Sound Control automatically adjusts settings for optimal quality. Speaker system also includes a Dolby Digital decoder for an even higher sound quality.

TCL 2.1 Channel Roku TV Ready Soundbar | Currently: $119 ($10 off)

The TCL Alto 6+ soundbar is the perfect way to immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment with bigger, clearer sound. It is only compatible with TCL Roku TV, so you can enjoy a smooth setup and easy access to sound settings with your tv remote. You can also switch through sound modes: movie mode, tv mode, and music mode for fine-tuned sound. 

Sony S100F Soundbar with Bass Reflex Speaker, Bluetooth Setup | Currently: $98 ($32 off)

A super budget friendly soundbar that’s a step up from your TV’s speakers. Looks and feels premium, despite its low price point. Compact, space-conscious, it delivers enhanced sound quality. Although it does not include a subwoofer it has an integrated bass reflex speaker for deeper audio. This soundbar connects easily to a TV with HDMI and brings high quality, room-filling sound. The price is unbelievable!

These are the best cyber monday deals and black friday deals we found, however, there are plenty more out there. We hope you found useful information to consider when shopping for your soundbar system. Check out Raise’s Black Friday Deals page and Cyber Monday Deals page to enjoy even more deals from your favorite retailers.