1. Stop overpaying for airfare. Before heading straight to your favorite airline’s website, compare prices on sites like SkyscannerHopper or AirfareWatchdog. No one airline always has the best deals, so make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table that you could be spending on surf lessons or spa days instead.
  2. Plan your trip before June 23. The cheapest days to fly across the US this summer are in the beginning of June, with prices expected to rise after June 23 — entering into peak travel season. If a European vacation is more your style, flights to Europe are the cheapest they’ve been in 3 years, with the average price of a round-trip flight hovering around $909.
  3. Let a good deal guide your decision. Instead of choosing a destination and searching for the cheapest way to get there, try planning your trip backwards. Find the best deals on sites like KayakTravelocity and Expedia, then pick a destination where you’ll get more bang for your buck.