Walgreens Store Credit Gift Card: 2.0% OFF


Walgreens is your neighborhood drugstore where you can find everything from candy and beverages, cleaning supplies and mini electronics, magazines and makeup, to holiday cards and giftwrap. With a Walgreens on almost every corner, you can expect convenience and ease when shopping at Walgreens. Walgreens store credit can be used to purchase almost everything in Walgreens store locations, except the items listed in the restrictions under fine print. BBRAISE

The Fine Print

Walgreens store credit can only be redeemed in Walgreens store locations, and they cannot be used to purchase alcohol, dairy, tobacco, prescriptions, health care services, prescription savings club membership fees, sales tax, lottery tickets, money orders/transfers, transportation passes, postage stamps, charitable donations and gift/phone/prepaid cards. Gift cards do not expire or have service fees.

Does Not Expire.